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Jan 21, 2010 6:00pm EST
family here in the united states. >> reporter: she says they were in a different position. their process was already in the works. beginning the adoption process now though is unlikely. haiti's infrastructure is all but wiped out along with it birth certificates and other important papers. not to mention the massive task of trying to reunite families and determine just who is a real orphan. >> there needs to be a structure put in place between haiti and the united states so that this could be expedited at a later time. this is not the time right now to initiate an adoption from haiti. >> reporter: for now agencies like adoptions together are telling american families to be patient. suggesting that if they want to help and do something more immediate donate to the haitian relief. >> adoptions together says in a normal situation it would take up to a year to adopt. they also remind people that there are plenty of children in the u.s. that needs homes adds well. >>> we want to remind you that several networks are hosting a telethon for earthquake relief tomorrow. big names lining up
Jan 12, 2010 6:00pm EST
united states of america, all people count and all people should be counted. >> reporter: a massive outreach effort to make sure everyone knows about this year's census. the government has launched a $340 million promotional  campaign. why is it so important that everyone be counted? congressional seats and hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are determined based on the state's population. >> how valuable you are when you stand up in terms of the resources that it brings to your communities and to you and to the ones you love. >> interesting question that they spend minutes that affects our lives for the next ten years. >> reporter: the new census office on president street in east baltimore will support field operations in the area for the upcoming census. >> it's important work. we should leave the country because we are the birth place of the star-spangled banner, we should lead the country in making sure that every, single person is counted. >> often, we forget those little babies. those babies need to be counted. you know, aunt suzy that you have been taking ca
Jan 13, 2010 6:00pm EST
today. wider view shows nothing across the eastern united states. you can see a little bit of cloud cover creeping from south to north. south to north. that's our current air flow. that's going to be a good thing. milder air will continue to creep in out of the gulf coast. this is a huge area of canadian high pressure that was frigid. with no new cold air pouring in for the next few days it will moderate. it will get milder each day. still very cold stuff in new england. you can see the temperatures across the south. today well up into the 50- degree range almost. i think we'll be there on friday. especially on saturday. good stuff coming our way toward the beginning of the weekend. through the night there will be a few clouds. quite cold. it will be cold by night. afternoon will be pleasant. it will be a nice looking thursday afternoon. tomorrow night we'll see the chill. quiet, clear calm night. seven-day forecast. the outlook is fantastic for the first half of the weekend. up to near 50 friday. we hit 50 saturday. messy weather sunday night into monday. >> thank you. >>> we'll be
Jan 19, 2010 6:00pm EST
see there's no active weather here across the eastern half of the united states. here's our front draped now across central pennsylvania just working into harrisburg and back through into wheeling, west virginia. this cool air will continue to push through overnight tonight. i think you'll notice a change in temperature tomorrow but about the same weather conditions, still blue sky and our mild air all down through the southeast, just very impressive stuff. charleston was up to 70 degrees today. you see detroit, columbus 30. that's the colder slice of air that is going to push in and take away our extremely mild weather, still tomorrow, above average, mid-40s. tomorrow, just a few clouds at times as the front comes through. in fact, i think we'll see a lot of sunshine. our next wave of precipitation tries to push in during the day thursday but i don't think we'll see much. maybe just a passing shower or flurry. cold air with the next storm thursday night. i believe it will be a cold rain with wintry precipitationics mixing in thursday night overnight. 33 tonight, partly cloudy. a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4